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Explosion Proof PT100 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

Explosion Proof PT100 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor
Explosion Proof PT100 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor Specifications Accuracy:±0.08°C (±0.14°F) Stability:5-year stability Warranty:12/18 months , 3-year or 5-year limited warranty options Input:Dual and single sensor capability with universal sensor inputs (RTD, T/C, mV, ohms) Output...
Product Details:

Explosion Proof PT100 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

Only fully immersed elements are used to determine product temperature. One of the temperature sensor elements may be installed inside the water level probe.



4-20 mA with HART (2-WIRE)


0.01°C (RTD),

0.1°C(E J K N T)

0.2°C(B R S)



0.5°C(E J K N T)

1.0°C(B R S)

Load resistance

≤ (U-10)/0.22

Relative humidity:


Operating temperature



Diameter Φ=44mm

Mounting hole pitch:


Sensor Type

RTD(Resistance Thermometer):                                     


TC (Thermocouple):                                        

E ,J, K, N ,T ,B, R ,S                                  

Ohm:0 ~ 500Ω, 0 ~   4500Ω                                       

Millivolt:-120 ~120mV, -1000 ~ 1000Mv                                  

Product show:



1.High accuracy and reliability 

2.High precision due to transmitter-sensor matching

3.Prolonged calibration intervals to reduce trips to the field

4.Dual compartment housing

5.Hot Backup™ capability and sensor drift alert utilizing dual sensors

6.Thermocouple degradation diagnostic 

7.Minimum and maximum temperature tracking

8.Multiple protocols is supported

9.Device dashboards provide easy interface 

10.Long service life;

11.Easy to install and maintain

12.Small size

13.Advanced design

14.High performance

15.It can query various thermocouples and thermal resistance indexing tables

16.Intelligent management about the data

Product function:

It plays a vital role in ensuring product quality, improving production efficiency, saving energy, production safety, and promoting the development of the national economy. It can determine the temperature of product.

Our company's product advantages:

1.Reasonable price;

2.Good product service;

3.Great logistics.

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