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Remote Seal Pressure Transmitter

Product Details:

Product feature :

1.Adopt microprocessor;

2.Self-diagnostic capability;

3.Without mutual effect between zero adjustment and range adjustment;

4.Remote & local setting and calibration;

5.Two-wire systems;

6.Adopt digitized compensation technology;

7.Adjustable damping and good single-track overload ability;

8.Without mechanical drive parts, little maintenance work, strong resistance to vibration.

Technical performance:

Using objectliquid, gas or steam
Measuring scoperefer to model & specification table
Output signal4~20mA DC Output
Power supplyexternal power supply 24V DC, power supply range 12V~45V

Product temperature range of the pressure sensor:

Electric circuit board-40~85℃
Sensing element-40~104℃
Storage temperature-40~85℃
With digital display

-25~65℃ (normal operation)

-40~85℃ (with no damage)

Other parameters:

Relative humidity: 0~95%

Overpressure limit: applying 2~5 times of maximum range pressure will bring no damage to transmitter.

Volume variation: be less than 4px3

Damping: time constant is adjustable within 0.2~32.0s.

Starting time: 3s, preheating is unnecessary.

Product Range:

Integrated type
Sanitary type
Divided type
Insertion type
Integrated type
Flange type
Divided type
Sanitary type

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