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Pressure Transmitter

The 3151 series metal capacitive smart transmitter is a new generation of all-intelligent capacitive pressure/differential pressure transmitter developed by Huaheng Instrument, with independent intellectual property rights. The sensor is a high-precision miniaturized intelligent sensor produced by introducing advanced foreign technology. The digital compensation technology is used to compensate the temperature and static pressure error in the conversion principle, which improves the measurement accuracy and reduces the temperature drift. It has long-term stability, high reliability and strong self-diagnosis. It has become the mainstream product in the transmitter market with extremely high performance and price ratio.-------------------------------- The 3151 Smart Transmitter adds the digital compensation and communication functions of Xianjian while having the proven performance, quality and reliability of metal capacitive sensing components. This makes the 3151 Smart Transmitter Series a versatile mid- to high-end smart transmitter. It can perform operations such as address inquiry, test, configuration, calibration, etc. with our HART475 Communicator. The communication between the control room, the transmitter installation site or any of the wiring terminals in the loop can be communicated to the transmitter for remote commissioning via the handheld or commissioning device. It can also be performed via the zero and span buttons located on the transmitter site. Local range adjustment. Note that when communicating remotely, there must be a resistance of not less than 250 Ω between the terminal of the wiring and the power supply.-------------------------------- Huaheng Instrument from china supplies pressure transmitters,pressure sensors,pressure gauge,circuit,and all types of pressure measurement equipment&transmitter types,and OEM services.We also share the working principle,installation,and price of pressure transmitter.What is a pressure transducer?And how to choose the pressure indicator,We tell you.
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