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Diffused Silicon Pressure Transmitter

The diffused silicon pressure sensor/transducer/transmitter is made of imported ceramic sensors with international advanced technology, and is equipped with high-precision electronic components and assembled through strict requirements. Pressure transmitters have two distinct technical differences compared to conventional pressure transmitters used: one is the measurement element using emerging high-precision ceramic materials; the other is the measurement element without intervening liquid, which is completely solid. When a silicon single crystal material is subjected to an extremely small strain caused by an external force (generally at 400 microstrain), the state of the electron energy level of the internal atomic structure changes, resulting in a sharp change in its resistivity (G factor mutation). The resistance made with this material also changes greatly. This physical effect is called the piezoresistive effect. Using the principle of piezoresistive effect, the integrated process technology is used to dope and diffuse, along the characteristic crystal orientation on the single crystal silicon wafer, to form strain resistance, which constitutes the Wheatstone bridge, and utilizes the elastic mechanical properties of the silicon material in the same cut. Anisotropic micromachining on silicon material creates a diffused silicon sensor that integrates force and force conversion detection. The sensor is matched with an amplifying circuit and related components to output a standard signal to form a complete transmitter. Diffusion Silicon Pressure Transmitter Features: 1, high sensitivity The sensitivity factor of the diffused silicon sensitive resistor is 50~80 times higher than that of the metal strain gauge, and its full-scale signal output is about 80-100mv. The docking circuit has good adaptability and the application cost is relatively low. Due to its low input excitation voltage, large output signal, and no mechanical loss, the resolution is extremely high. 2, high precision Diffused silicon pressure sensor's three-in-one feel, sensitive conversion and detection, no mechanical moving parts are connected to the conversion link, so the non-repetition and hysteresis error is small. Due to the rigidity of the silicon material in Hollywood, the deformation is small, so the linearity of the sensor is also very good. Therefore, the comprehensive attitude is very accurate. 3, high reliability The elastic deformation of the diffused silicon-sensitive diaphragm is on the order of micro-strain, the maximum displacement of the diaphragm is on the order of micrometers, and there is no mechanical wear, no fatigue, no aging. Long average time between failures, stable performance and high reliability. 4, high frequency response Due to the high natural frequency of the sensitive diaphragm silicon material, it is generally 50KC. The manufacturing process uses an integrated process, the effective area of ​​the diaphragm can be small, and the special design of the front structure of the rigid structure makes the sensor frequency response very high, and the bandwidth can be used up to 100 kHz. 5, good performance With the advancement of integrated process technology, the four resistors of the diffusion silicon sensitive film have been further improved. The original manual compensation has been replaced by laser trimming and computer automatic rest technology. The zero position of the sensor and the temperature coefficient of sensitivity have reached 10- On the order of 5/°C, the operating temperature is also greatly improved. 6, good resistance to electrical breakdown Due to the special materials and assembly process, the diffused silicon sensor can not only be used normally at 130 °C, but also can withstand the impact of 1500V/AC voltage in strong magnetic field and high voltage breakdown test. 7, good corrosion resistance Due to the excellent chemical corrosion resistance of the diffused silicon material itself, even if the pressure receiving surface of the sensor is not isolated, it can be adapted to various media in normal use. The silicon material is also compatible with silicone oil, making it easier to implement when it is isolated with anti-corrosion materials. Combined with its low voltage, low current, low power consumption, low cost and intrinsically safe explosion-proof features, it can replace many of the same type of functional products with the best performance and price ratio.
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