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Natural Gas Mass Flowmeters Should Be Regularly Tested And Maintained
Jan 02, 2019

Natural gas mass flowmeters should be regularly tested and maintained

Natural gas mass flow meters are mainly used for flow measurement of industrial pipeline medium fluids, such as gases, liquids, steam and other media. It is characterized by small pressure loss, large measuring range and high precision. It is almost unaffected by parameters such as liquid density, pressure and temperature when measuring the volume flow rate. No moving mechanical parts, so the reliability is high and the maintenance is small. Instrument parameters can be stable for a long time.

The large advantage of the natural gas mass flowmeter is that the anti-vibration performance is particularly good, there is no zero drift, and the reliability is high. Through a large number of waveform analysis and spectrum analysis of the flowmeter for a long time, a good probe shape, wall thickness, height, probe rod diameter and matching piezoelectric crystals are designed, which are processed by an advanced CNC lathe. The technical parameters such as the coaxiality and smoothness of the processing, combined with special processing, thus largely overcome the common problem of the inherent self-oscillating frequency of the vortex flowmeter on the signal.

Natural gas mass flowmetersshould be tested and maintained during the work process. In the process of using, there will be zero drift, you should learn to analyze the cause of zero drift and find a solution. A zero drift of the flowmeter can result in inaccurate measurement accuracy. Therefore, we often need to test and maintain the mass flow meter.

1, Zero check (zero calibration)

Zero drift is a problem often encountered in the actual operation of the flowmeter: there are many factors that cause zero drift, such as the installation stress of the sensor, the structural asymmetry of the measuring tube, and the change of the physical property parameters of the measured fluid. Especially in small flow measurement, the effect of zero drift on measurement accuracy is more serious. Therefore, it is necessary to perform zero check and adjustment on a regular basis. The zero check should be carried out at least three months. When the production permits, the time interval of the zero check should be appropriately shortened for the Coriolis mass flowmeter installed at the important monitoring point. Whether the zero calibration is completed is the key to directly affecting whether the natural gas mass flowmeter operates within the accuracy range.

Natural gas mass flowmeters should be regularly tested and maintained

2. Inspection of working parameters

During the use of natural gas mass flowmeter, it should always pay attention to whether the set working parameters have changed, whether the displayed flow, density, and temperature values are normal. If there is a large difference between the actual and the actual, it can be described in the instruction manual. The method re-zeros the flow calibration. If the above work still does not feel normal after completion, you should check whether the working parameters set inside the transmitter are correct.

3. Observe the flowmeter's fault indication regularly.

Depending on the model, specifications, and manufacturer of the flowmeter, the fault display method and contents vary. For different fault alarm indications, check the product instruction manual to determine the cause of the fault and handle it.

Natural gas mass flowmeters should be regularly tested and maintained

4, Regular comprehensive inspection and maintenance

For the flowmeter in use, it should be thoroughly inspected regularly: from the appearance of the natural gas mass flowmeter sensor, the degree of installation, the vibration of the process pipeline, the indication of the transmitter and the display instrument, etc. It should be handled in time.

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