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How to choose the flow meter
Mar 13, 2017

How to choose the flow meter

Flow  meter (flow meter) selection can generally be considered from five  aspects, these five aspects of the flow meter performance, fluid  characteristics, installation conditions, environmental conditions and  economic factors. The details of the five aspects are as follows:
1. Instrument performance aspects
Accuracy, repeatability, linearity, range, flow range, signal output characteristics, response time, pressure loss, etc.
2. Fluid characteristics
Temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, chemical corrosion,  abrasion, fouling, mixed phase, phase change, conductivity, sound  velocity, thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, isentropic index
3. Installation conditions
The direction of the pipeline layout, the direction of flow, the  length of the pipe on the upstream and downstream side of the test  piece, the pipe diameter, maintenance space, power supply, grounding,  auxiliary equipment (filter, getter), installation,
4. Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference, safety, explosion - proof, pipeline vibration, etc.
5. Economic aspects
Instrument purchase costs, installation costs, operating costs,  calibration fees, maintenance costs, instrument life, spare parts and  other spare parts.
Flow meter selection steps are as follows:
1. Depending on the type of fluid and the five considerations, select  the available instrument type (there are several types to choose from);
2. The collection of information and price information on the primary  selection type, for further analysis and comparison of preparation  conditions;