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Ultrasonic Flow Meter

An ultrasonic flow meter is a meter that measures the flow by detecting the effect of fluid flow on the ultrasound beam (or ultrasound pulse). According to the principle of signal detection, ultrasonic flow meter can be divided into propagation velocity difference method (direct time difference method, time difference method, phase difference method and frequency difference method), beam offset method, Doppler method, cross correlation method, spatial filtering method. And noise law, etc. According to the connection method, it can be divided into a pipeline type ultrasonic flow meter, an external clamp type ultrasonic flow meter, a plug-in ultrasonic flow meter, and the like. Ultrasonic flow meter is the same as electromagnetic flow meter. It is an unobstructed flow meter because it does not have any obstruction parts. It is a kind of flow meter suitable for solving difficult flow measurement problems, especially in large-diameter flow measurement. The advantage is that it is one of the fastest growing types of flow meters. Ultrasonic flow meter application areas: Water supply and drainage 2. Petroleum, chemical industry 3. Metallurgy, mine 4. Heating, power generation 5. Water and water resources 6. Energy-saving monitoring, water-saving management 7. Paper-making, hull manufacturing industry 8. Food and medicine 9. Traffic inspection, traffic tracking and acquisition 10. Calorie measurement, heat balance. The advantages of ultrasonic flow meters are: 1. Ultrasonic flow meter is a non-contact measuring instrument that can be used to measure fluid flow and large pipe diameter that are difficult to contact and difficult to observe. It does not change the flow of the fluid, does not create pressure loss, and is easy to install. 2. It is possible to measure the flow rate of highly corrosive and non-conductive media. 3, ultrasonic flow meter has a large measuring range, the diameter of the pipe ranges from 20mm to 5m. 4) Ultrasonic flow meter can measure various liquid and sewage flows. 4. The volumetric flow measured by the ultrasonic flow meter is not affected by the thermal properties of the measured fluid such as temperature, pressure, viscosity and density. Can be made in both fixed and portable form. The disadvantages of ultrasonic flow meters are: 1. The temperature measurement range of the ultrasonic flow meter is not high, and generally only the fluid with a temperature lower than 200 °C can be measured. 2. Poor anti-interference ability. It is susceptible to ultrasonic noise interference caused by bubbles, scales, pumps and other sound sources, affecting measurement accuracy. 3, the requirements of the straight pipe section are strict, the first 20D, the last 5D. Otherwise, the dispersion is poor and the measurement accuracy is low. 4. The uncertainty of installation will bring a large error to the flow measurement. 5, measuring pipeline due to scaling, will seriously affect the measurement accuracy, resulting in significant measurement error, even in the case of serious meter no flow. 6, reliability, accuracy level is not high (generally 1.5 ~ 2.5 or so), poor repeat-ability. 7. Ultrasonic flow meter determines the volume flow by measuring the fluid velocity. The mass flow rate should be measured for the liquid. The mass flow measured by the meter is obtained by multiplying the volume flow by the artificially set density. When the fluid temperature changes, the fluid The density is variable, and the density value is artificially set, and the accuracy of the mass flow cannot be guaranteed. The fluid density can only be measured while measuring the fluid velocity, in order to obtain the true mass flow value through calculation.
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    Plug-in Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    Plug-in ultrasonic flow meter The plug-in ultrasonic flow meter consists of a main unit and a plug-in sensor. Plug-in sensors can be installed by simply opening two mounting holes in the pipe surface. With the opening tool, the plug-in ultrasonic sensor can be installed without stopping the...