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Flow Meter transmitter

Flow measurement is essential in many industries such as the oil, power, chemical, food, water, and waste treatment industries. These industries require the determination of the quantity of a fluid, either gas, liquid, or steam, that passes through a check point, either a closed conduit or an open channel, in their daily processing or operating. The quantity to be determined may be volume flow rate, mass flow rate, flow velocity, or other quantities related to the previous three.
Measurement is the eye of industrial production. Flow measurement is one of the components of measurement science and technology, which is closely related to national economy, national defense construction and scientific research. Doing this work well plays an important role in ensuring product quality, improving production efficiency and promoting the development of science and technology. Especially in the current era of energy crisis and increasing automation of industrial production, the status and role of flow meters in the national economy are more obvious.
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Huaheng Instrument from china supplies flowmeters,flow gauge,flow controller,orifice plate and all types of flow meter sensors&transmitters,flow rate sensor,and OEM services.We also share the function,definition,measuring flow rate,working principle and price of flow measurement.
  • Turbine Fuel Water Digital Flow Meter Type
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    Turbine Fuel Water Digital Flow Meter Type

    Turbine Fuel Water Digital Flow Meter Type 1:Electromagnetic flow meter Performance Working temperature:-20~50ºC Working relative humidity: ≤5%~95% Body protection class:IP65,IP67,IP68(make to order) Flow rate measuring range:0.3~10m/s Medium current ratio: clean water>20μa/cm Pipe...
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