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Differential Pressure Transmitter

3151 series intelligent transmitter is composed of two parts of intelligent sensor and intelligent electronic version. The intelligent sensor includes a capacitive sensor,measuring detection cicuit,a temperature sensor and a temperature compensation cicuit.Intellifent electronic includes microconputer controller and peripheral cicuit,completed conversion of pressure signal to 4~20mA DC. Differential pressure (DP)transmitter is a transmitter that measures the pressure difference between the two ends of the transmitter and outputs standard signals (such as 4~20mA, 0~5V).Differential pressure transmitter and general pressure transmitter different is that they have 2 pressure interface, differential pressure transmitter is generally divided into positive pressure end and negative pressure end, in general, differential pressure transmitter positive pressure end pressure should be greater than the negative pressure section pressure can be measured.The differential pressure transmitter is used to prevent the medium in the pipeline from directly entering thetransmitter.It is used to measure liquid level, flow rate and pressure of liquid, gas or steam, and then convert it into 4-20ma DC signal output. 3151DP intelligent differential pressure transmitter is the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment production of a new type of transmitter, key raw materials, components and components are imported, the whole machine through strict assembly and testing,with advanced design principles, varieties and specifications complete, easy to install and use and other characteristics.Due to the aircraft appearance completely is a blend of the most popular and widely used at home and abroad of two kinds of transducer (3051 with yokogawa EJA rosemount) the structure of the advantages, for the users to have the feeling that find everything new and fresh, at the same time with the traditional 1151, CECC, etc. Series of products can be directly replace on installation, strong commonality and replace ability.In order to adapt to the continuous improvement and development of domestic automation level, 3151DP intelligent differential pressure transmitter design is small and exquisite, but also launched with HART field bus protocol intelligent function.Super measurement performance for pressure,Differential pressure, liquid level, flow measurement. Since each part needs both separate adjustment and joint adjustment, the actual calibration can be carried out according to the following steps: 1. Make A 4-20ma fine tuning first to correct the D/A converter inside the transmitter. Since it does not involve sensing components, no external pressure signal source is required. 2. Make another whole-process fine-tuning to make 4-20ma and digital reading consistent with the pressure signal actually applied, so the pressure signal source is required. 3. At last, the range is redetermined, and the simulated output of 4-20ma is made consistent with the external pressure signal source through adjustment, and its function is exactly the same as the zero (Z) and range (R) switches on the transmitter shell.
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