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Digial Fork Density Meter

Digial Fork Density Meter
Digial Fork portable Density Meter for Liquid for Water measurement Applications: Industrial Chemical Production: Petroleum, natural gas, oil refining, salt mining Food & Beverage Industry: Beverage, syrup, vegetable oil, & soft drink processing Other Chemical Production: Urea,...
Product Details:

Quick details:

Density Range

0.5 – 2.5 g /cc (500 – 2500 kg/m3)

Calibration Range

0.8 – 1.2 g /cc (800 – 1200 kg/m3)

Pressure Rating

10MPa ~ 20MPa

Viscosity Range

0 – 20000 cP

Temperature Effect

> 0.1 kg/m3/°C (adjusted)

Built-in Temperature Sensor


Wetted Parts

Stainless steel 316LHastelloy alloy

Tine Finish

Standard, PFA coated, or Electro-polished


4 -20 mA,0-1000Hz,RS485 Modbus RTU

Density accuracy - process(20°C)

± 0.1% or ± 0.05% FS of indicated figures



Outer Covering

Aluminum alloy

The above data just a reference, more detailed data can obtained from our customer service staff.

Product features:

1.High precision;

2.Long service life;

3.Great durability;

4.Easy to use and maintain;

5.High quality.

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