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Air Pressure Differential Sensor

Product Details:

Air pressure differential sensor


1:  Adoption of microprocessor enhances its flexibility and function;

2:  Have strong self-diagnostic capability;

3:  Without mutual effect between zero adjustment and range adjustment;

4:  Complete function of remote & local setting and calibration;

5:  Two-wire systems, conforming to HART protocol and be capable of uninterrupted output with HART protocol terminal communication;

6:  To compensate for temperature and static pressure by adopting digitized compensation technology;

7:  Good stability, high accuracy, adjustable damping and good single-track overload ability;

8:  Without mechanical drive parts, little maintenance work, strong resistance to vibration;

9:  All general parts satisfy to the convenience of maintenance.

Technical performance

Using object:  liquid, gas or steam

Measuring scope:  refer to model & specification table

Output signal:  4~20mA DC Output, overlay HART protocol digital signal (two-wire system)

Power supply:  external power supply 24V DC, power supply range 12V~45V

Load characteristic:

Hazardous area installation:  explosion-proof type dIICT5;

                                                                                       Intrinsic safety type iaIICT5;


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